Urban Samurai products are created for serious gamers (and other desk jockeys), to enhance your gaming experience and allow you to compete at the highest levels for as long as possible. Because you have to defend the present to protect the future.



Always look like you’re a step ahead. Our trend-forward & original designs are made of high quality materials that allow for extended gaming, and help you look as cool as that avatar you play.



This is some ridiculous comfort for serious gamers. Experience innovative products built to make your long gaming sessions more pain-free, more immersive, and more comfortable than a double-wide pillow fort.




  • Are you tired of losing a frag because your eyes feel like they’ve been beaten by a 2×4? Well, blue light is the beast swinging that stick. Exposure to this high energy light emitted by screens is exhausting to the eyes. Too much can cause dry eyes, blurred vision, and migraines. And it’s been shown to even induce damage to the retina. So, imagine being able to game all night without turning your eyes into a couple of fried eggs. With Urban Samurai blue-light blocking glasses you can protect your eyes and your high score. Shop Eyewear


  • As a gamer, if you wear glasses and headphones, you know the dreaded pinch that sets in as those earmuffs squeeze the bejesus out of the hard eyewear hooks between your fleshy ear and skull. It’s like a medieval torture device. But don’t rage-quit just yet. With the new Urban Samurai Flexx Hold System, you no longer have to choose between clear vision and comfort. And the sleek, stylish design doesn’t hurt either. So, leave the ear slicing to Van Gogh and game on comfortably for hours with the latest in eyewear innovation. Shop Eyewear


  • Most gamers perform 300-400 very precise actions per minute. That’s a lot of clickety-clack. The repetitive motions create a high risk for tendon inflammation and wrist disorders, the most common being carpal tunnel syndrome. It can start with tingling (not the good kind), numbness, pain, and if left untreated, it can affect the whole arm, impairing your motor skills. So, if your wrist is screaming for mercy or you’d like to avoid a visit from an invisible Chucky doll stabbing your wrist, then slip on the one gauntlet that needs no infinity stones to make you feel invincible. Shop Gauntlet Wrist Brace


  • Strong, nimble fingers are a must when it comes to high-level gaming (and the occasional shadow puppetry). Squeezing exercises can help strengthen the muscles in your fingers and increase dexterity. Using a good stress ball activates the muscles in your hands while improving circulation. And then maybe you’ll finally earn that screen name of “kungfufing3rs.” Shop SLAMurai


  • Extended digital screen use has been linked to mental fatigue and difficulty concentrating. The blue light they emit can even disrupt melatonin production, negatively affecting your quality of sleep. And the lack of a good night’s sleep can impair your memory, judgement, reaction time, and the ability to form coherent trash talk during games. Shop Eyewear
  • Games are fun, but they can also generate stress. And that stress can take a toll on your mental and physical health. When you’re stressed, your body tightens up. So a physical release, like squeezing a stress ball, can help let go of some of that energy, inducing you to relax and keeping you from punching a hole in your monitor. Shop SLAMurai