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A Ronin was a samurai who answered to no one. Like that lone wolf in a leather jacket making everyone nervous at the party. So, throw on a pair of these and start dominating your opponent before the fight even begins.

Hoodie in sweatshirt fabric made from a cotton blend.

Additional information

Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Blue Light filtering lenses provide comfort, improved clarity & fatigue reduction for extended gaming & computer use.

Lens Care

Please use a soft cloth with water or eyeglass spray to clean the lenses. Do not clean dry. Do not put lenses face down on any hard surfaces to avoid scratches. When not in use, we recommend storing in provided case or in a soft pouch.

Prescription Ready

If you need a custom lens prescription, Urban Samurai frames are optical quality and ready for your local optician to provide prescription lenses. We are working on the option to order these frames with prescription lenses in the future.

TR90 Frame Material

TR90 frames are a thermoplastic material that are very lightweight, flexible and extremely durable, more than plastic or other materials.


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